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JUNE 25, 2012

Will be showing at St. Peter's Art Show in downtown Lewes, DE on July 7th, and the Rehoboth Art League outdoor show Aug. 11,12,18,19 Come!

JUNE 25, 2012
New theme wall piece at Gallery One, "Llamas Listening" for the month of July. pic.twitter.com/9MR6j4Dm

APRIL 1, 2012
New show opening April 2 at Gallery One, "Fins, Feathers and Fur" Here is "Gracie in her Fins, Feathers and Fur" pic.twitter.com/HUnFz3Un

Lightscapes by Bethany Beach Artist Laura Hickman - Colorful, light-filled pastels and oils of the Bethany Beach area and the towns and coastal regions of Italy.
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